Coming soon to Let it Bow! 

Coronation Elsa inspired capelet, the really regal version 

Kristoff sash-inspired scarf 

I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been working on lately, tucked away in my workshop full of ribbon and fabric and gummy bears. Thanks to all my sugar-fueled sewing, the shop is getting a special update early next week with new items and new photos! 

In addition to offering key chain, pin, and headband attachment choices for all the “let it” bows, I will add Anna and Snow Queen Elsa capelets, plus a new Kristoff scarf and gorgeous Coronation Elsa capelet. (One variation, anyway, with more to come.) Wait until you see better pictures - the purple foiled lace is sooo pretty!

I’m also scheming up more Frozen-inspired Mickey ears and working on mini Anna capelets for tiny princesses, too. Possibly inspired by lovelyrugbee's little Kristanna-loving cutie. ;-)